How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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Last Week

Morning inspiration was from Kelly McCanlies, who inspired by her dog, aspires for three minutes every day of complete and perfect happiness.

Welcome Guests

Prospective Guest Mary Benson and PP/Co-Chair of Membership Jerry Hofwolt

Eric Kaler, Prospective Member Heidi Kamana, Andrew Lanning

Jan Taketa, Chansy Thou from FLO, Rob Hail, Van and PP Dave Mozdren

News From Future Light Orphanage

Welcome to Chansy Thou who who has cooking for the children at FLO for 9 years. Thanks to the generosity of many, she is now living in Hawaii and attending HELP, the University of Hawaii English Language Program. Upon completion, she will attend the Culinary Arts Program.

Rob Hail shared heartbreaking news from Future Light Orphanage about Sreyna Chem, a young lady who just completed 10th grade. Sadly, sreyna developed liver cancer which has rapidly spread throughout her body. She was among the children who Rob and Nuon Phaly rescued from remote villages a few years ago.

A big shout out to Eric Kaier, Director of Security at Hawaiian Airlines. The airline completed a corporate rebranding and had boxes of leftover old shirts. Thanks to Eric, they were sent to thankful children at FLO.

Happy Birthday!

PP Dave Mozdren and son, Van, wish Happy Birthday to President-Elect June Nakamura, PP Bill Gaeth, Molly Sperry, Jim Dempsey.

In the News

The Fine-o-Meter was happily chugging along. Congratulations to Wendy Goodenow who scored an interview with Howard Dicus, Dave Erdman whose PacRim Marketing was listed in PBN’s Book of List as Hawaii’s top marketing company, and Joe Rice, who will be (sniff) retiring after 17 years as President of Mid-Pacific Institute.

Wendy Goodenow, President of HNL Travel

Dave Erdman, President of PacRim Marketing

Joe Rice, President, Mid-Pacific Institute

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

President-Elect June Nakamura started in Japan on a work trip with a group of male engineers. Translation: No shopping. Lots of interesting foods. She and hubby Richard ended their trip at Margit Watts’ home in Colorado.

Margit spent her vaca in her Colorado home (dubbed “Rainboat” by one of her grandchidren), playing with grandkids, fishing with sons and out-fishing June’s fly-fishing husband 11 to 1.

PP Carolyn Hiatt toured France and Spain with her South East Asian friends, so she ate her way through both European countries enjoying Cambodian, Laotian and Thai cuisine.

Pete Van Zile wanted to see how many airline miles he could rack up in one summer. Portland – Montreal – Derry, Ireland – London – Limerick, Ireland – Cincinnati – Honolulu

Find Uncle Pete Van Zile in his nephew’s the Hindu wedding in Cincinnati. In indian weddings it’s customary for the groom to ride in on a horse. This wedding was held on a college campus. Take a close look at the “steed.”


Mark Your Calendar

HOLIDAY: September 3 – Happy Labor Day! No meeting.

MEETING: September 10 – Wally Amos, ” Read it Loud,” 7:15am, YWCA

MEETING: September 17 – “Schools of the Future” by Joe Rice, President of Mid-Pacific Institute, 7:15am, YWCA

CLUB SOCIAL: September 21 – Ethnic Dinner at Himalayan Kitchen, 6pm (Dave Mozdren)

MEETING: October 1 – Resume meetings at the Pacific Club, 7:15am

CLUB SOCIAL:  October 20 – Mysteries of Honolulu Waianae “Ghost Tour” with Lopaka Kapanui, 3pm  (Jo Archibald)

The YWCA is looking for gently used women’s clothing to be used for their “Dress for Success” program. Please go through you closets and see if you have anything you can donate.

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